CHM101 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry Past Question and Answer

CHM101 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry and Past Question and Answer

CHM101 Introdutory Inorganic Chemistry I Past Question and Answer
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1.Organic compounds can be obtained from __________ andΒ  can also be made synthetically in the laboratory.
2.________ organic chemistry involves the determination of organic compounds.
3.The most obvious method of using a balance is known as________?
4.__________system not only measure total mass but also may determine such characteristics as average weight and moisture content?
5.Balances in the sortorius 2400 series allow one to determine weight (mass) to within___________?
6._________are those in which a substance,usually a solid, is weighed.
7.When isolation of a pure solid is difficult,or rapid filtration is necessary,_______is employed??
8.A________is a small machine (with several test tube holder)that rotates rapidly.
9.Before a —— is turn on a test tube must be placed opposite the test tube of interest to prevent excessive vibration
10.___________is a technique employed to purify an organic solid that may be contaminated by impurities.
11.__________of most organic compounds in common solvent increases as the temperature is increases?
12.dissolution are generally endothermic process.YES\NO
13.What are the two conditions for selecting a desired solvent for recrystallization??
ANS=a.the solubility of the desired substances in the solvent at high temperature and b.the solubility of the impurity in the solvent at lower temperature.
b.the solvent should not react chemically with the desired substance.
14.___________is a useful method for purification and isolation, but it is restricted to solids, and it is a relatively
inefficient way to separate a mixture of very similar compounds.
15.___________is the general term for the recovery of a substance from a mixture by
bringing it into contact with a solvent that preferentially dissolves the desired material.
16.The process of extraction is concerned with the_______??
17.___________prevent a sharp boundary between layers?
18.All methods of separations depends on_________?
19._______prevent a sharp boundary between two immiscible solvent layers in a separating funnel
20.Those properties that substances exhibit without undergoing a change in chemical composition are______?
21._________ are those that substances can exhibit only when undergoing a change in chemical composition?
22.The temperature at which the liquid and the solid state of a substance are in equilibrum is called________?
23.during melting point determination,it is advisable to__________?
24.The temperature at which the vapour pressure equals the applied pressure is__________?
25.The density of a substance varies with______?
29.Most pure substance have_________melting point?
1 : The ability of an element to participate in a chemical reaction is measured in form of its ——— Ans – ionization energy
2 : Electron affinity can be affected by all but one of the following
Ans – mass number
3 : In the mordern form of Mendeleev peroidic table, elements are arranged in ——–horizontal rows. Ans – 7
4 : _________ used the Law of the Octave to arrange atoms
Ans – John Newlands
5 : _____states that as far as possible in a given atom in the ground state, electrons in the same sub shell will occupy different orbitals and will have parallel spins.
Ans – Hund’s rule
6 : __________ arranged elements in order of increasing atomic weight on a line which spiraled around a cylinder from bottom to top Ans – De Chanourtios
7 : Halogens have —— electron affinity
Ans – exothermic
8 : ________and____________ tried to classify elements into periods
Ans– De Chancourtois and Dobereiner
9 : An orbital can have at the most two electrons of opposite spin can be called the ——-
Ans – Exclusion principle
10 : Increase in principal quantum number(n) means—–of the atomic radii
Ans – increase
11 : The alkali metals belong to the —— elements
Ans – s-block
12 : The second ionization energy of alkaline earth metals is less than that of corresponding alkali metals because——–
Ans – of stability of a closed shell configuration
13 : ____is the energy released or absorbed when an electron is added to the gaseous atom in its ground state
Ans – electron affinity
14 : The properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers is the———–
Ans – Mordern periodic law
15 : ____________is the enthalpy change when one mole of crystal lattice is formed from the isolated gaseous ions
Ans – lattice energy
16 : _________is the tendency of an atom to attract towards itself the shared electron pair of a bond in which it is involved
Ans – electronegativity
17 : What property was used by Mendeleev to classify the elements?
Ans – chemical properties
18 : In the equation for ionization,effective nuclear charge is represented as——
Ans – Z
19 : Which is of these peroids of the peroidic table has only eight elements? Ans – 3
20 : The positions of K and Ar,Co and Ni do not remain anomalous any longer since ——— is used in arranging the elements.
Ans – atomic number
21 : Arrange the following metals in an increasing order of their boiling point LI,Cs,Rb,K
Ans – Cs,K,Rb,Li
22 : Arrange the following alkali metals in order of their atomic number,Na,K,Li,
Ans – Li,Na,K
23 : According to,electronegativity is equated to the force of attraction between an atom and
the electron seperated by a distance equal to the covalent radius of the atom.
Ans– AlfredRochow
24: Which of these metals can their compounds be used in photography ? Ans – K
25 : All these are types of metal lattices exceptAns – hexagonal
26 : Which of these statements is not true of metallic elements?
Ans – They form acidic oxides
27 : __________is a requirement in the electrolysis of beryllium chloride
Ans – Sodium Chloride
28 : In the extraction of calcium from fused calcium chloride,is used as the anode
Ans – graphite
29 : All these are uses of Beryllium except
Ans – used for making aircraft
30 : Calcuim oxide is a constituent of all but one of the following
Ans – barium
31 : On exposure to air alkaline earth metals lose their silvery luster because
Ans– a layer of oxide is formed on their surface
32 : All the alkaline earth metals form ionic compounds except
Ans– beryllium
33 : Calcium compounds give out a characteristic flame colouration
Ans – brick red
34 : The hydrogen energies of alkaline earth metal ions are much greater than those of alkali metals becauseAns – they are smaller with increased cationic charge
35 : Which of these statements is not true of alkaline earth metals?
Ans -They are less dense than alkali metals
36 : The first ionization energy of alkaline earth metals is more than that of corresponding alkali metals because
Ans – the alkaline earth metals have higher nuclear charge and are smaller in size
37 : ___________ is extremely rare and it is a radioactive element
Ans – raduim
38 : ___________ is the second most abundant metallic element in sea water
Ans – magnesuim
39 : Which of these statements is not true of lithium?
Ans – Lithium reacts spontaneously with water
40 : The strong cohesive forces present in the lithium atom gives rise to all but one of the following
Ans – softness
41 : Hydrides of alkali metals react with water to librate which of these?______________
Ans – hydrogen
42 : Which of these alkalis has the most stable floride?______________
Ans– lithium
43 : Why was Newlands law of octaves rejected?____________
Ans – It could not hold good for elements heavier than calcium
44: Which of these statements is not true of metallic hydrides? ______________
Ans – they are volatile
45 : Which property was used by Mendeleev to classify elements?_______________
Ans – chemical properties
46 : Which of these alkali metals is the most electropositive?_____________________
Ans – caesuim
47 : The presence of hydrogen bond in most molecules is responsible for the following EXCEPT __________.
Ans – Low boiling point
48 : The tendency of an atom to attract towards itself shared electron pair of a bond is known as _________.
Ans – Electronegativity
49 : Which of the isotopes of hydrogen is radioactive?________________
Ans – Tritium
50 : All these can be used as raw materials for the production of oxygen except _________.
Ans – Nitrogen
51 : Which of these is not a covalent hydride?___________________
Ans – NaH
52 : The most abundant metal in sea water is called ______.
Ans – Sodium
53 : Which of these statements is not true of metallic elements?_____________
Ans – They form acidic oxides
54. Which of the following is not true as we move down a group of s and pblock elements in the periodic table? _______________
Ans – Electronegativity also increases
55.Stability of alkali salts depends on which of the following?__________
Ans – enthalpy of formation of the salt
56.How many electrons are in potassium atom?__________
Ans – 19
57. How many elements are there in period 6 of the periodic table ? ______
Ans – 32
58.Which of these elements behave partly as the alkaline metals as well as a halogen element? ____________
Ans – Hydrogen
59. Which of these periods of the peroidic table has only eight elements? ____________
Ans – 3
60. Which of these elements has the electronic configuration of 1s^{2}2s^{2}2p^{6}3s^{2}3p^{6}3d^{10}4s^{1}?
Ans – Cu
61. In the periodic table,period 6 contains elements
Ans – 32
62. Which of these is not an isotope of hydrogen?
Ans – Neutrium
63. __________ forms an oxide also known as heavy water.
Ans – Deutrium
64. Which of the isotopes of hydrogen is radioactive?
Ans – Tritium
65. All these can be used as raw materials for the production of oxygen except
Ans – Nitrogen
66. Hydrogen can be obtained economically as a biproduct in the electrolysis of
Ans – brine
67. Which if these is not a property of hydrogen?
Ans – it has a pungent smell
68. Hydrogen may be used for all but one of the following.
Ans – synthesis of zinc
69. Hydrogen may not be advantagous as a fuel because
Ans– it is a secondary source of energy
70. ______types of hydride compounds can be formed depending on the electronegativity of the elements
Ans -3
71. When alkali metals are heated with hydrogen they formhydrides
Ans – ionic72. Silt is an example of hydride
Ans – Covalent
73.Which of these statements is not true metallic hydrides?
Ans – they are volatile
74.Sodium Hydride is an example of hydride
Ans – ionic
75.Which of these statements is not true of metallic elements?
Ans – They form acidic oxides
76. All these are consequences of the sole valence electron in alkali metals except
Ans– the metals are soft
77.Which of these statements is not true?
Ans – All metals react with carbon to form carbides
78. In the group of the alkali metals the degree of hydrationdown the group.
Ans – decreases

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